How To: Void a Card Connect Payment


The Card Connect Void Payment feature allows for Elmo Invoices that have had incorrect payments but have not fully processed through card connect, to be voided. Since this is a short time frame, you may end up needing to do a refund instead.


  • Card Connect Feature setup
  • Payment entered into Elmo that needs to be voided


1. On the Invoice screen under the Payment tab, find the row that contains the payment and click the void button.

2. Enter Void Message. On the Void Payment Confirmation, there will be an opportunity to write why the transaction is being voided or other notes concerning this action.

3. Click yes to save the void message and attempt to void the payment.

* If the void transaction goes through, it will set the payment amount for that line to zero, mark the payment as void, and have information about the payment locked down so they can't be edited.

4. Verify a successful message comes back. If not, you should read the error message and follow those directions or try refunding the transaction instead.