How To: Refund a Card Connect Payment


The Card Connect Refund Payment feature allows for Elmo Invoices that have had incorrect payments processed through Card Connect, to be refunded to the customer's credit card.


  • Card Connect Feature setup
  • Payment entered into Elmo that needs to be refunded


1.  Verify which payment is being refunded. Once the refund has been processed, it can not be undone.

2. On the payment to be refunded, click the 'Refund' button. All refunds must be associated with their original payment for Card Connect Transactions.

3. For Refund type, select 'Card Connect Charge'. This does not mean another charge will be made. It does mean that is how the payment was previously processed. Only payments made via Card Connect can be refunded through this process.

4. The refund amount is the full amount of the charge.

5. Today's date will already be populated. It is not recommended that this be changed.

6. Fill out the Notes section on why the refund is being entered.

7. Select a connected Card Connect Terminal. 

8. Click the 'Process Refund' button

* The refund request will be sent to Card Connect and a response will be given. If you for some reason receive an error response dealing with communication between Elmo Anywhere and Card Connect, please let us help by contacting support.

9. Refund status will show in the block of the same name.