How To: Change Order Total to a Different Amount


You are now able to change the total of the order to a different amount.  This is useful to:

  • Remove cents from an order ($74.35 to $74.00)
  • Offer Customer a quick discount (Easily remove $10 from an order by changing total from $74.35 to $64.35)
  • Round up your order total to an even number ending in $5 or $0 (IE: $295 or $300)


  1. Open order on the Orders Screen (screen with all the tabs)
  2. Click in the Order Total in the Totals section on the screen
  3. Enter a new Total and press the Enter Key on your keyboard
  4. This will change a line item amount to match the amount you entered either UP or DOWN
    1. By default, it will reduce or increase a line item that does not have tax associated with it (Shop Supplies changed from $9.95 to $9.60 to remove the $0.35 from the order total)
    2. If there are no - non-taxable line items, Elmo Anywhere will adjust the price accordingly to account for a new tax rate
      1. Please Note: In some cases the order total change may not be able to be performed due to tax and rounding.  You will receive a notification if EA is not able to perform the adjustment and the original order total will be restored