Label Icon Actions

If you've logged into Elmo Anywhere already and went to the Quote screen you have most likely seen labels with icons next to them like this. We want to focus on the 2 Glyphs next the Bill To Customer Label.

 This is the Open In New Window Glyph, if you click this next to a label it will take you to the page where you can lookup records for that Object, edit them, and even create new ones. This will attempt to open your new Window in a tab for browsers that support tabs.

 This is the Refresh Glyph, if you click this next to a label it will then reload the options in the input box below it.

Next time you are in a bind and need to make a new record for an input on the fly don't lose your current work! Click the Open in New Windows Glyph add a new Customer. Once you are done you can close the newly opened browser tab for Customer and navigate back the browser tab you were working on before and just refresh the input. Your newly created customer will now be in the list.