Site Settings: General

Site Settings - General

Explanation of what each site setting does in the Site Settings -> General section

To Access Site Settings, Click the Gear icon -> Settings in the left menu

Kit Settings

  • Clear Default Kits
    • Click "Clear Default Kits" to have the software ask you which kit to use if more than 1 kit is available or if you want to change your  default kits to another option

Invoice Settings

  • Enable Automatic Locking of Invoice
    • If Checked -  will cause an order to be LOCKED when it is converted into an invoice.  When an order is locked, you are not able to change any of the billing information in the header of the order and on the Parts tab

Part Settings

  • One off Custom Parts Are Inventoriable
    • If checked -  custom parts added to the line item grid will be able to be searched from suppliers using GlassCheck

Tax Settings

  • Compute Invoice Tax Amount as Sum of all Line Item Tax Amounts
    • If checked - will calculate sales tax at the line item level and calculate tax for each item on an order
    • If unchecked - will calculate sales tax by adding all line items together, then calculating tax using the summed amount of line items

Insurance Agent Settings

  • Use Insurance Agent's Default Sales Rep on Orders
    • If checked - will change the order sales rep from the Bill To Sales Rep to the Agent Sales Rep if a Sales Rep exists on the Agent record when it's added to an order