How To: Change Order Type


An order in Elmo Anywhere transitions between many order types and you are allowed to choose which order type it should be based on your work flow.  You will be presented with logical order types but have the ability to skip some types if you desire.

Regardless of the order type, each number for each individual type is tracked in the software so it can easily be found whether the quote, work order, or invoice number is presented.

List of order types:

  • Web Quote
  • Quote
  • Work Order
  • Invoice
  • Void
  • Call Back


Quote Screen

  1. After a quote is completed on the Quote Screen, you can
    1. Click the Save button to make the order type a Quote
    2. Click the Schedule button to make the order type a Quote and continue to the order screen to schedule the job
    3. Click the Drop Down next the Save button and choos

Order Screen

  1. On the order screen, you can change the order type to the next logical step by clicking the Order Type button
    1. If your work flow is different, or you would to skip a step, you may click the Order Type Drop Down box and select a different order type