How To: Add COVID Cleanup Part Numbers for Safelite EDI

We have recently been made aware that invoices received via EDI with COVID related sanitation/cleaning fees are failing and/or causing short pays.  To remediate and provide quicker service please instruct shops to send EDI invoices containing cleaning fee in the following way:

  • Part Number = When providing a part for COVID Cleaning related fees, please do NOT mark this part as LABOR.  This value has special meaning and logic which can result in auto declines of your invoice.  To keep consistent, we are asking you to list this part as “CLEANUP”. 
  • Part Description  = Please provide anything meaning to help research or troubleshoot data in case of failure.  This should be something like “Sanitation services during COVID”.
  • Part type = For a COVID line item please use the Part Type ‘OT’.
  • Clean Line Item Ordering = Please place the COVID line item as the last item in the invoice.  This will allow systems to correctly process the amount 

Here is an EDI example of an expected COVID line item:
IT1*3*1*EA* 10.00**TP*OT*PN*CLEANUP*PD* Sanitation services during COVID~

If using Elmo32, this part will be added as a Misc Part to the order and the charge will go in the LIST and NET Column - NOT LABOR.

If using Elmo Anywhere, this part will be added to the order using the "Add Custom Part" button on the Selected Parts Tab.  Please adjust the List and Net Price according to what Safelite has agreed to pay for this service.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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