Release Notes - 1/5/2021

Type Area Description
Bug Fix GlassCheck Color Match Will only ask to change color if the color of the glass doesn't match the color of the Nags part chosen
Bug Fix Dates with Time Zone Fixed issue with dates changing to next day in West time zone on order lookup and various reports
Bug Fix Add Service Part Adding Service Parts is added to the order the same as a User Parts for EDI - This will eliminate EDI rejections with COVID Cleanup & Recalibrations
Bug Fix Tax Order Total If using Tax Order Total Setting it calculates correctly eliminating the penny issue when syncing to Quickbooks
Bug Fix EDI Manager    Sorting a column in the EDI Manager no longer causes data to disappear
Bug Fix Adding Labor Line Item When adding a NAGS part with ZERO labor hours it will calculate flat labor correctly and display warning to adjust labor manually for hourly labor
Bug Fix Mobile App Work Orders and Callbacks are now sorted in the order list based on install date and time
Bug Fix Quote/Order Screen When a Bill To Customer is changed it will now change to the discount assigned to the Bill To
New Feature Mobile App Order list now shows Work Orders and Callbacks.  Callback will appear red in the list.
New Feature Mobile App Manufacturer Part Number now shows in parts list if part is not a NAGS part to help identify moldings, etc.
New Feature Mobile App Increased the size of the parts list 
New Feature Order Screen - Customer Tab Sold to search now requires 3+ characters before searching
New Feature Quickbooks Sync Manager Added ability for users to change the status of orders in the sync list from to Submitted or Mark Unsent
New Feature Quickbooks Sync Cash, Check, Credit Card, and Other payments now sends over the reference fields to Quickbooks to easily determine payment information
New Feature Quickbooks Sync Customer Sold to is now sent over to Quickbooks
Function Change Synced Order with Quickbooks Process to address when an order that's been synced to Quickbooks has been updated in ElmoAnywhere has changed

Function Change New Order Button The New Order button will now open the Orders screen with an order status of Quote instead of Work Order
Performance ALL Minor performance tuning across platform