Elmo Anywhere Beta Guide

Thank you for participating in the Elmo Anywhere Beta! Your participation will help us build a great product that will suit your needs.  In order to achieve the best end result, please follow these guidelines while using the Elmo Anywhere Beta:

  1. Although we have done extensive bug testing prior to this release, this is BETA software.  This means we are not willing to put our stamp of approval on it quite yet.  

    The best rule of thumb here is the following:  Do not use this software to run your business.

    We cannot guarantee the data provided is correct, we cannot guarantee your data will stay intact throughout the beta process, and we cannot guarantee the application will be available if/when you need it to conduct business.

    Any interruption in business related to Elmo Anywhere Beta is not the responsibility of IBS Software.

    Use this software your own risk!
  2. Please communicate with us as much as possible.  We need your feedback to know what we're doing well AND what we're doing poorly.  If you find a bug or think the software could be better in a certain area, tell us.  Inversely, if you think we did something great, tell us (we love to hear praise -- it's what keeps us going).

    We currently do not offer phone support for Elmo Anywhere.  This policy will be reviewed when we officially launch the product.

    For the beta, we have multiple ways to contact us:
    1. Email -- beta@ibssoftware.com.  
    2. Support Portal -- support.ibssoftware.com.  Click on the "Submit a request" link at the top of the page and fill-out your support request.  Please be descriptive!
    3. Chat -- Within the application, look for the "Contact Us" or "Help" button to start a chat with one of our support technicians.  If no one is available, you'll be able to leave a message.
  3. Please review the support documentation.  We've worked hard to build content-rich documentation for Elmo Anywhere and believe it can answer many questions you might have about how the software works.  This portal has an advanced search function -- use it or just browse through the articles to learn.  If you notice an error in an article, feel free to leave a comment.  If you notice something might be missing from the Help Center, submit a request and we'll get it added.
  4. Keep-up with the latest news from our Beta Team.  We will be constantly working to add new features and fix bugs to Elmo Anywhere Beta.  Our team will communicate critical information with you through email and will post information to this support portal.  We plan to have a weekly release schedule initially, so plan on having updates on a weekly basis.