How To: Apply Payments to Multiple Invoices


If you have an account that is billed on terms and they send payment that covers multiple invoices, you can use the Mass Payments feature to apply all the payments to multiple invoices at once.

Mass Apply Payments

  1. Click on the $ in the left menu
  2. When the Customer Payment screen opens, select a Bill To Customer to apply the payment to.  This will load all the open invoices for that customer
  3. Enter the Payment Date, Payment Type, and Amount Received
  4. If the invoice has a deductible due, the deductible amount will be shown with a field to enter the payment amount.  You can also click the Auto-Fill Payment check box to have the program enter the total amount due for the deductible.
  5. As you enter payments, the Amount Left to apply field will reduce the amount that is left to be applied.
  6. When the Amount Left to apply reaches $0.00, you are ready to click the Save Payment button and apply payments to the invoices.  Please note if the amount entered is less then the total amount of invoices, it will short pay the last invoice.
  7. If a mistake was made, it will have to be adjusted by looking up the individual invoice and voiding or editing the payment that was applied.