Downloading the Nags Update with Microsoft Edge

If Microsoft Edge is your default web browser you might run into an issue with Microsoft Edge trusting our Nags Update download file. 

To get around this do the following:

While the nags update is downloading you will see this window in the top right corner.

Once the file is downloaded you will have this note on your downloads screen.

Move your mouse cursor to the right side and three horizontal dots will show.  Click on the 3 dots

Then click "KEEP"

Next, click the down arrow beside "Show more" 

and click "Keep anyway"

Then click "Open File"

You will receive one more pop up, to get around this, click "More info"

and click "Run anyway"

If you experience any other issues downloading or installing the nags update, please don't hesitate to contact support at 1-800-959-5500 option 4, or email us at