Beta Release - 3/15/17


This is a maintenance release that includes some small features such as enhancements to the left menu and general UI functionality.  Please see the change log below for specifics.


Change Log

ID Type Title
1775 Feature Revisist Add To Every Order flag on Services
3510 Feature Menu Enhancement
1199 Feature Split out Nags Search tab to glass and hardware tabs on Quote Page
2100 Feature Add print button to order lookup grid
2169 Feature Button to copy information from bill to to sold to on order page
2884 Feature Fix Settings Link Inside of Settings Menu to not appear when a user does not have the correct permission
3129 Bug Fix Nags Part lookup- Load time is too long, even after warming the server
3216 Bug Fix Site user 500 error create/update
2558 Bug Fix Customer Type Print Setting Tab Layout
2548 Bug Fix Printed Invoice Errors
2286 Bug Fix Grids are static, which leaves blank space on high resolution displays
3392 Bug Fix web quote report exception error
3362 Bug Fix Inputs On Quote Screen Not Lined Up After Kendo Update
3358 Bug Fix When Saving a Void Order confirmation message says "The void has been saved"
3355 Bug Fix logo too large print view. Yellow screen error
3126 Bug Fix Order Page - Margins on the customer popup notes not correct
3152 Bug Fix Formating and casing issues on Bill To Customer editor
3228 Bug Fix Latest updated rows needs to be viewed on the top
3345 Bug Fix Remove logic that is changing the tax group when it should not on the quote screen (after changing the tax group it reverts this change)
3340 Bug Fix Is Labor Taxing Logic Flag is not working for WS Repairs
3264 Bug Fix Grid doesn't work correctly. Results are not showing up in the total grid area
3346 Bug Fix Customer Notes popup not visible
3367 Bug Fix Invoice Page: Edit Payment doesn't turn up all the fields while editing the payment
3373 Bug Fix Taxing Entity Report - Amount Collected Showing Incorrect value
3156 Bug Fix Don't seed "Cash Account" first and last name with the Cash Customer
3175 Bug Fix AR aging current balance incorrect