Beta Release - 4/6/2017


This is a maintenance release that includes some small features that build the groundwork for integration with third-party glass suppliers, shop logo enhancements, and the ability to make a payment on your account directly from the Customer Portal.  Please see the change log below for specifics.


Change Log

ID Type Title
1377 Feature Allow Customers To Have a External Id associated with them for each shop
2097 Feature Need a site wide setting that controls the lock order immediately upon turning into an invoice functionality
2140 Feature Update Vehicle Search Nags Glass Detail Grid to Be shaded differently if it is an interchange part
2565 Feature Shop Logo Improvements
3153 Feature Add ability to save a custom part or service as active
3398 Feature Add An Animated Save dialog to the Quote & Order Screens to prevent the user from making changes after "Save" has been clicked
3506 Feature Add Print Button To Quote Page
3607 Feature Customer Portal Payments
3142 Bug Fix Add Custom Part and Service buttons are setting the record to "Active" when it is saved
3145 Bug Fix Error when trying to print with a logo
3178 Bug Fix NAGS Part Search is not allowing searches for the full part number
3502 Bug Fix Bill To Report Page: File downloaded from Export to PDF not working as expected
3509 Bug Fix Mobile- full screen grids do not page and break zendesk widget
3513 Bug Fix email text to be corrected in code, eamil is entered instead of email
3516 Bug Fix Service Update not working when we don't select anything in the Apply To The Following Shop
3517 Bug Fix Address displayed in single line when we open the saved order
3525 Bug Fix Sales Report : When exporting to pdf, the pdf is blank
3542 Bug Fix When selecting sold to from look up , it gives error when trying to save
3656 Bug Fix Service Editor: Add All button does not save the data
3657 Bug Fix Fix Menu Coloring For Hover Items
3658 Bug Fix Left Menu Closing & Opening Rapidly
3660 Bug Fix Email on quote screen with no line items gave error
3675 Bug Fix login page has old teleirk reference
3677 Bug Fix 500 Error when saving an invoice
3699 Bug Fix Quote Page: JavaScript Error on Internet Explorer
3702 Bug Fix loading page does not full screen, bottom is left open
3703 Bug Fix invoice with edi failing leaving loading page showing
3706 Bug Fix print on quote page does not show loading
3718 Bug Fix grid pdf has extra brackets due to kendo font icons
3720 Bug Fix Null Shop Logo exception on shop editor
3721 Bug Fix Shop Drownpown does not work. It does not select shops with service added to shop