Beta Release - 5/30/17


This is a maintenance release that includes some small features like:

  • Full HTTPS support for added security
  • Voids now require a message to identify why an order was voided
  • Further enhancements to Credit Memos
  • End of Day Reports
    • End of Day Sales Report
    • End of Day Cash Register Report
    • Work Orders More Than 5 Days Old Report
    • Void Orders Report
  • Sage Payments Systems integration
  • Various bug fixes



Change Log

Work Item Type Title
Feature Setup Elmo & Nags HTTPS
Feature As a Shop Manager, I need to know why someone voids an order
Feature As a user, I need the ability to void an entire credit memo
Feature Add the ability to void a payment and create new permission for Voiding Payment, Refunds, & Credit Memos
Feature As a CSR Manager, I need to view a report of voided orders
Feature As a CSR Manager, I need to view a report that shows "Workorders more than 5 days old"
Feature As a Shop Manager, I need to view an End of Day Cash Register Report
Feature As a Shop Manager, I need to view an End of Day Sales Report
Feature As a CSR, I need to be able to Set up and configure Sage Payments
Feature As a CSR, I need to be able to run a payment using Sage Payment Solutions with keyed credit card info
Feature As a user, I need the ability to void a credit memo payment on an invoice
Bug Fix After a part has been marked as non taxable the logic to determine if it should be taxable again has the incorrect values to determine that
Bug Fix Creating/Updating a bill to customer causes the default tax group ID to become populated with an empty guid when instead if should be null when not selected
Bug Fix Missing HTTPS on ZipCode lookup call
Bug Fix Populating the Report From Input on EOD Cash Register Report causes no records to appear
Bug Fix Pay Type on EOD Sales Report Formatting
Bug Fix GlassCheck button not rendering for Glass Parts added via vehicle lookup
Bug Fix Glass Parts Being added with adhesive part number
Bug Fix Shop State & Federal EIN# fields filled with white space
Bug Fix Nags Parts: Grid not working properly when i click on the grid rows 5 time
Bug Fix Order Page: When I change the Date in the scheduler, the reading pane is not set to changed date
Bug Fix AR Aging Report Showing Negative Value Parenthesis On 0 Invoice Balance Amount
Bug Fix AR Aging Report - Days Overdue showing a value when an invoice is paid (invoice balance of 0)
Bug Fix AR Aging Report - Showing Negative Days Overdue
Bug Fix Mobile: Add Hamburger icon for Left Navigation bar for Mobile Devices
Bug Fix Order: Ready to Edi Checkbox is marked as selected when changing the Bill To Customer
Bug Fix Order: Change Deductible from Dropdown to Checkbox in Payment Editor
Bug Fix Nags glass part grid sort order is incorrect
Bug Fix Hide the Part Type Drop Down on the Part Popup Editor; for All Nags Parts
Bug Fix Installers not updating on scheduler items.
Bug Fix Cost not available for user parts.
Bug Fix Order Page -- City and State are not showing in the address in the order header area
Bug Fix Cost is not recorded from Glass Check when a cost plus discount is used and Glass Check is launched from the cost modal
Bug Fix Parts Grid: Surcharge is not updated when removing the line item from the grid
Bug Fix Mobile grid add hardware part didnt give toast
Bug Fix Vehicle search needs to be disabled or hidden if credit memo is locked/saved
Bug Fix Invoice: Not selecting any vehicle and clicking on Add Parts on Parts Tab doesn't give any toast message
Bug Fix Quote Page - Selecting Bill To Customer causes Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'checked' of undefined
Bug Fix Surcharges are not being calculated with line item quantity
Bug Fix OEM Glass Parts are not returned on NAGS Search
Bug Fix Payments editor update button does not work
Bug Fix left menu load before rest of page to avoid the slight change in UI
Bug Fix apply Credit memo button not showing on invoice payments grid if available status
Bug Fix After entering a cost on a line item, the discount value is reset to the default
Bug Fix Voiding an order should delete the event in the scheduler
Bug Fix Taxable Surcharge is not being taxed
Bug Fix null error on vendor for cost look up
Bug Fix Glass Check -- Cost not being returned to line when linked via glass check
Bug Fix Quote: Changing shop does not update Tax Group
Bug Fix Quote: JS error when saving ws repair to quote
Bug Fix Line items disappearing when clicking save on quote then scehdule