Elmo Anywhere Production Release - 8/28/2017

New Features

  • Global Order Search
    • There is a new Global Order Search field on the top bar in Elmo Anywhere.  This is a free-form search that will search through all existing orders in the system and quickly return a list of results sorted by relevancy.
    • Search Examples:
      • Search for "Cash Customer" and receive a list of all orders with the Bill To of "Cash Customer."
      • Search for "816-471-0150" and get a list of all orders with that phone number on the Bill To or Sold To record.
      • If you need to quickly find Invoice #1234, just enter "1234" in the search bar and the correct order should be one of the first results.
    • This works on ALL fields in the order with the exception of payment amounts.
    • Operators like AND, OR, and NOT will help filter the result set if it is too large.
    • Results are limited to a total of 50 records.  They are sorted by relevancy, so we expect you to be able to find what you are looking for within the first 50 records.  We will enable page for result sets larger than 50 records in the future.
  • Timezone added to shop record
    • This allows us to set the correct time for shop-specific documents and objects.
  • Updated Discount Workflow
    • You can now add multiple Category Groups to a single discount pricing line.  This streamlines discount creating, so you can use the same pricing structure across multiple Category Groups instead of repeating the process over and over again.
  • New Report -- Installer Report
    • Found under Reporting --> Sales --> Installer Report
    • This new report allows you to get a list of installation jobs for each installer for a given date range.
    • The report lists the following:
      • Invoice Number
      • Invoice Date
      • Bill To Customer Name
      • Total NAGS Hours on Invoice
      • Total count of installers on invoice
      • Total Labor on invoice
      • Invoice Sub-total (Sum of all line items without tax)
      • Invoice Tax Total
      • Invoice Total
    • In the report options, you can just to enable "Split Amongst Installers" to divide the invoice amounts by the total count of installers on the invoice.  This can be handy if you are using this report to calculate commission payments.

Bug Fixes

  • Site settings page loads with tab strip on top, then quickly changes to the left
  • Printed orders show incorrect time on installation date/time field
    • This will now be set to the shop's timezone.
  • Discounts -- effective dates are not being respected
  • Web API -- effective dates are not being respected for discounts
  • Email Templates -- 500 error on saving
  • Site Wide -- some multi-select drop-downs are adding extra scroll bars

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