Working with Regions

Regions are a way to filter information to a user based on a group of shops.  For example, you might have a business that operates in both Chicago and Kansas City, but only want your users in Kansas City to see records for their local shops. 

You can easily accomplish this goal by creating 2 regions. One for the KC Metro and one for the Chicago Area. Then you would want to assign your records (Bill To Customers, Sold To Customers, Agents, Discounts, etc) to a specific region from their respective editors. The next step is to assign your Staff to a Region on the Staff editing page.

Now when one of the Staff members you have assigned to one of your new Regions logs in, KC Metro Region for example. They will only be able to see (Bill To Customers, Sold To Customers, Agents, Discounts, etc) assigned to the same Regions they are assigned to, KC Metro Region in this example, throughout the application.

By default, Elmo have an "All" region; all of your records are added to this region by default to make sure all users can view all records. If you would like to set a record to only be displayed in 1 region you must remove the All Region and assign it to the specific Region you would like. 

How To View Records for All Regions: Region filtering is not applied to every Grid and Drop Down List in the application. You can see which Grids do have this filtering by looking for this button.


Clicking this will remove the filtering for the signed in users Regions and show for all Regions. 

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