Working with the Customer Portal

Elmo Anywhere has a user-friendly Customer Portal for customer and billing information, payments and plan options for premium features. Users must have the Customer Portal View Permission for this feature. The Site Admin user by default has this permission and cannot be removed.

Tip: If you are past due on payments, you may be subjugated to being locked out of your Elmo Anywhere product when signing in until a payment is made and current balance is updated. Only users with Customer Portal View Permission will be able to access and update your account. We will send out email alerts and notifications in advance when balance is over due to avoid this issue.

If you are past due on your payments, you will be locked out of Elmo Anywhere and need to use the Customer Portal or contact support to resolve this issue.

To access the Customer Portal:

  1. Log into your Elmo Anywhere account using your username and password.
  2. Navigate to the Customer Portal page from the left menu by clicking Settings.  If you are logged into the system (and have permission) already, you my click the following link: Customer Portal




The Customer Portal contains:

  1. My Customer Information which contains your company address and contact information. It also displays your Customer Key(this can be referenced when contacting tech support). This form can be edited and updated at any time.                                                                                               
  2. My Subscriptions shows your Elmo Anywhere rates, invoice and payment terms. It also shows any additional features you may have such as Glaxis and Web API. If you want to change your subscription or add premium features, please contact us at                      
  3. My Payment Methods shows your current card or account on file that is used for billing purposes. Users can also add additional payment options as well as set a default payment option.




     4. My Invoices History shows a list of past invoices paid. Users can resend via email. Users can Export      this form to PDF or Excel.                                                                                                        

     5. My Transactions History shows a list of all transactions. Users can resend via email. Users can            Export this form to PDF or Excel.



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