How to: Send an EDI

To send an EDI:

Using the left Navigation menu, select the Lists Menu item; and then select EDI Manager. If you are logged in the system you may click the following link: EDI Manager

When the page has loaded you will be presented with a Grid containing a list of all orders that are valid for EDI submission. To review what the requirements are for submitting an order via EDI please refer to the EDI knowledge base article here.

An Invoice must be marked as "Ready to EDI"; this can be accomplished in by selecting the Invoice with the checkbox on the left of the grid and clicking the "Mark Ready" button.

Or by checking the Ready to EDI checkbox on the Insurance Tab of the Order page.

If you attempt to "Send EDI" on an Invoice that has not been marked as ready you will be presented with an error stating it has not been reviewed and marked as ready. 

Once an EDI has been submitted you will see that the submission count field has been incremented and can review the submission log by clicking the submissions button on the EDI manager grid.

Clicking the submissions button will open the following window.

We can see the Date & Time a submission was made along with the status. In our example we have errors with our submissions; by clicking the details on the submissions log we will be presented with the responses from IBS Software's Central EDI System.

Clicking the responses button will show the response from the Insurance company on this EDI submission.

From this menu we can see exactly what errors have been generated by the EDI preflight process. This ensures many of the required fields for EDI are populated to catch the most common errors. From these details we can go back and fix the errors and resubmit. 

Additionally you can do all of these same actions via the EDI tab on the order page. 

Only submissions will be populated with values until the Insurance company it has been submitted to responds.

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