How to: Process Payments with Sage

Elmo Anywhere integrates with Sage Payments as a add-on feature. You must have the Sage Payments Feature turned on and an active account with Stripe to charge payments. Please contact support if you have a Sage Payment account and want to turn on this feature or contact your Elmo Anywhere Admin for set-up. You will need to have your Sage Merchant Id and Sage Merchant Key ready for us (This is located in the Sage Payments portal). 

Note: Elmo Anywhere does not store or save any credit card numbers. Elmo Anywhere is PCI compliant and uses the latest Sage Payments features to ensure security and safety for our customers.

For Site Admin, go to Settings in left menu then the Sage Settings tab and enter credentials and click the Check Validation button to verify correct keys. Click the Save Settings button once completed.

Once you have contacted support and we have entered your credentials or your Site Admin has set it up and turned on the Stripe Charge Feature for your site you can begin to charge payments with Stripe.

To make a Sage payment:

     On the Invoice page, click the Payments tab (You must have Payments Permissions)

On the Payments tab, click Add Payment button

Choose Payment Type and select Sage Payment at the bottom of the list (If you do not see this option and have already set up the Stripe Sage Payment with your credentials, please contact support).

There is currently only one option for Sage payments, manual entry.

To enter credit card manually, simply enter the credit card number, cvc, expiration date and zip code associated with card. You must also enter billing address information. The billing address and/or zipcode must match what is associated with card or it will not process.

First option: Manual entry

If the billing information is same as the Sold To Customer, you can click the right arrow icon to copy information into form.

Once card information is entered, click the Process Payment button to charge transaction and create payment.

Once complete you will get a notification either if it failed or succeeded.

A payment and transaction are created for both statuses to ensure tracking. The status for the payment will be Processed or Failed.

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