How to: Use the Dashboard (Home Screen)

To add a widget:

Navigate to Add Widget.  Select the Widget that you want to add from the drop down Menu.  Click "Add to Dashboard".  

Each Widget has a "REMOVE" button in the top right corner for removal.  

To move a widget:

Put the mouse icon on the top part of the widget.  Your mouse icon will turn into 4 arrows.  Click and hold the mouse button while dragging your widget to the desired location. 

You can add any the following Widgets to your Dashboard:

Sales by Order Type - Reflects sales total by Invoice, Workorder, and Quote. 
Gross Margin
EDI Info - Reflects your pending and accepted EDI responses
Sales by Customer Type - Reflects sales by customer type (Insurance, Body Shop, Cash, etc)
Today's Orders - Reflects all of your daily orders
Sales by Shop - Reflects your invoice totals by shop (for multiple shop use)
Messages and Notifications - Reflects your EDI messages and notifications

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