How to: GlassCheck Integration

Elmo Anywhere integrates with several third-party vendors with our GlassCheck add-on feature. You must have the GlassCheck Feature turned on and an active account with one of our vendors. Elmo Anywhere GlassCheck integrates with the following vendors:

  • Import Glass (IGC)
  • Kryger Glass
  • Mygrant
  • PGW
  • Pilkington

Please contact support if you have an account with any of our vendors and want to turn on this feature or contact your Elmo Anywhere Admin for set-up.

For Site User, go to User then click Settings in the top right menu.

Select which vendor you have an account for and want to integrate with and choose configure link. Enter your third-party vendor username and password and click validate. If it is not a correct user configuration you can not move forward and will receive an error notification.

If validation is correct, a grid of your shops will be displayed and have a Ship To Number and Ship To Name for a default Ship To on each Shop.

Note: You can do this here or on the Shop Editor popup on the GlassCheck tab. You must have a default shop Ship To picked in order to use GlassCheck for certain vendors.

Please enter (or select) correct Ship Tos and click the save button. If it is a valid Ship To for that vendor, it will save and refresh the grid, otherwise, an error notification will show.

Once a default Shop Ship To is selected, you can start using GlassCheck. GlassCheck lookups can be done on the Quote or Order Pages and both use the same process for searching for glass and hardware parts.

Note: You can only order GlassCheck parts on the Order Page.

On The Quote/order Page, choose a Vehicle (Try the VIN Lookup feature for faster and more accurate vehicle selection). Once vehicle and parts are selected go to the Parts grid and you should now see a GlassCheck button for certain parts.

Clicking the GlassCheck button will bring up the GlassCheck popup and automatically begin searching for the part selected. You can choose to search by different criteria also.

Depending on which third-party vendor you use, you may need to select certain Ship To and Warehouse information or Delivery Methods to search for part.

Note: If your GlassCheck credentials for that vendor are not correct, you will not be able to use this feature until it is correct.

Each tab will display a third-party GlassCheck vendor’s parts searched for each Feature you have turned on. For instance, in above screen shot, this user has both Pilkington and PGW integrations set up and turned on.

Select which part you need, and it will automatically add it to your GlassCheck Cart.

When a GlasCheck part is successfully selected, it will be linked and show a GC-Linked button. You can re-link and redo a search as needed.

You will also notice the GlassCheck Cart icon in left menu has an updated value. This cart and badge will display all unordered GlassCheck parts for the current logged in user.

You can order GlassCheck parts from the Cart or from the Order Page. If you choose from Cart, you can order in batches. If you choose from the Order Page, you can only do one part order at a time.

On the Order Page, go to the GlassCheck tab to see all the GlassCheck parts for that Order.

Depending on the GlassCheck vendor, you may need to select a Shipping Method and Customer PO Ref #. Once you have all required fields, click Order button to Order the GlassCheck part. If the Order fails, a toast error message will show the details, otherwise if the order submission is successful the Order will be saved and the GlassCheck tab grid will refresh and show the Order’s confirmation number where the Order button was just at. And the part on the Parts grid will now show a GC-Linked disabled button. This part is complete.

You can also order GlassCheck parts from the GlassCheck Cart in left menu. Clicking it will show you all the un ordered parts for each third-party vendor you have enabled for currently logged in user.

GlassCheck parts are grouped together by certain Shipping Methods and Ship Tos per Shop. Each Vendor may be grouped differently but the Ordering workflow is the same.

You can select one or select all per grouping.

Depending on the GlassCheck vendor, you may be required to enter a Customer PO Ref. Number and/or select a shipping method. Once all required fields are correct, ordering is the same as above and will notify user if successful or if fail occurred.

GlassCheck Configuration and Setups

Import GlassCheck

Requires User Configuration

  1. Login to and click on the User icon in the top right hand corner and Select User Settin
  2. Enter your user credentials provided by Import Glass
    1. IGC API Key = JesseKryer0910
    2. IGC Gateway Key = ImportGlass12345
    3. Enter your IGC Customer Number.  This can be found on a printed invoice or by viewing a previous order on the IGC website
  3. Click "Save IGC Configuration"
  4. You will receive a toast notification when the credentials have been saved

Kryger GlassCheck

Requires Shop configuration.

Go to the Shop List and select your Shop and click Edit. Navigate to the GlassCheck Tab on the popup and enter your credentials. If you do not know your Kryger GlassCheck credentials, please contact your Site Admin or Tech Support.

Note: You may get unexpected results and errors if configuration is incorrect.

Mygrant GlassCheck

Requires User configuration

You will need your Customer ID and Company name which can be found on Mygrant's online ordering website

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. Login with your username and password
  3. Click on My Account -> Order History

Locate your customer ID and Customer Name under the Ship-To Address

In Elmo Anywhere

  1. Login to and Click on the User Icon in the top right hand corner and select Settings
  2. Click on Configure Mygrant
  3. Enter your Mygrant login credentials used to login to
  4. On the shop record line, enter your Customer ID and Customer Name that was retrieved in the steps above
  5. Click the Save button

PGW GlassCheck

Requires Shop configuration.

Go to the Shop List and select your Shop and click Edit. Navigate to the GlassCheck Tab on the popup and enter Ship To information.


  1. PGW Account must be setup as POS connect account.  Send email to with ship to number to get account created.
  2. A valid Ship To is required for GlassCheck look up. 
    1. This can be found by logging into PGW website with customers credentials.
    2. If customer has more then 1 location, you will need to choose the correct location.
    3. Once the correct ship to is selected, you can find the ship to number in the address bar of the browser

Note: You can check validation before saving. 

Pilkington GlassCheck

Requires User and Shop configuration.

Go to User Settings and click the Configure Pilkington link to enter your credentials. Click the Validation button to verify username and password. If correct, you can then choose a default Ship To for each Shop. You can also change this on the Shop List.  Customer will need to email Eddy Lee to get an EPOS account setup to work with Glasscheck.  

Note: This is not a required step for setup. But for GlassCheck lookup you will have to select a Ship To before searching.