How To: Quickbooks Setup

Elmo Anywhere integrates with QuickBooks as an add-on feature. You must have the QuickBooks feature turned on; you can do this by contacting one of our service representatives to assist you with adding this to your account.

After the feature is enabled you will need to setup the QuickBooks Web Connector on your local machine; to setup the Quickbooks Web Connector navigate to this page and download the latest version. You can find complete documentation from Intuit here.

After installing the Web Connector you need to access the QuickBooks setup screen in Elmo Anywhere. After logging into your Elmo Anywhere account navigate to the settings icon in the left menu and select QuickBooks Setup.

When on this page there are additional on-screen instructions that should walk you through the process and also provide you with tips.

Once on the setup page you need to enter in the income account you want invoices posted to in QuickBooks. If this account does not exist the synchronization process will automatically create it. 

If you come to this page and want to change the income account, you can click the save button without downloading a new file. If you are setting up the web connector you will need to click the Download QBWC File; this action automatically saves your Income Account.

After clicking the Download button a File Save Dialog will appear; save the QBWC File. This also generates you a new password causing your previous password to no longer work. If you download a new file you must use the new password provided. There is no need to save the password after the setup is complete if you intend to save it in your Web Connector; which we strongly suggest as the default configuration is auto-sync every 10 minutes. If you need a new password you can get one by downloading a new QBWC file. Please complete the Web Connector setup before closing this web page.