How to: Create a Credit Memo

Once an Order is converted to an Invoice, you can create a Credit Memo on the Payments tab by clicking the “Create Credit Memo” button.

This will create a Credit Memo with the same Line Item Parts, Vehicle, and Order Header (Bill To, Discount, etc.). You can edit certain fields on a Credit Memo like Parts or Vehicle if needed.  Once you are done editing the Credit Memo click "Save" in the top right corner. 

*Once a Credit Memo is saved it CAN NOT be edited.

A Credit Memo can be consumed on any Invoice from that Bill To Customer. To use part of a Credit Memo on an invoice click the “Apply Credit Memo” button on the payments tab.  Click the box to the left of the Credit Memo you are wanting to use and then click Apply.

*The Apply Credit Memo button will only appear if the Invoice’s Bill To Customer has any Credit Memos with a balance greater than 0 and the current Invoice has a balance greater than 0.

You can also apply a Credit Memo to Invoices on the Credit Memo page on the Transactions tab. You can select as many Invoices as needed until the Credit Memo balance is consumed. 

When applying a Credit Memo a transaction will be created for that Credit Memo, a payment will be put on the Invoice, and a log will be placed in the Order History of the Invoice.

To open a previously made Credit Memo you can search the Order List page by changing the Order Type to Credit Memo and hitting search.  Then click View on the line of the Credit Memo you would like to open.  

Please remember a Credit Memo can only be applied to the Bill To Customer it is tied to.

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