Nags Update - 1/11/2021

Elmo32 Nags Update - Effective 1/11/2021

Hello Elmo Nation,

2020 is finally behind us and we look forward to 2021  The COVID vaccine appears to be hopeful and soon, life as we know it, may be back to normal. 

As a new year comes, so does a new Nags Update.  This update goes into effect on Monday January 11th, 2021.

If you are using our new Elmo Anywhere software the Nags update has already been installed for you.  CLICK HERE for more information about Elmo Anywhere.

Nags Update Download Link

Install this update AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!  There is no reason to wait to install NAGS Updates -- Elmo will automatically start using the new pricing on the correct date.  Installing early gives you access to the new vehicles and pricing before the price changes go into effect.

Download Instructions

  1. Click on the Nags Update Download Link above.  
  2. Save the file.  
  3. Please notice the location that the file is being saved to.
  4. The update must be run on each computer, so you may want to save it to your shared Elmo directory so each computer can access it.  Make sure you run the update one computer at a time and Elmo is closed on all computers.
  5. Once the file has downloaded successfully, please navigate to where the file was saved using Windows Explorer, and double-click on the 01112021NagsUpdate.exe to install the update. 

Trouble shooting tips for running the update

1. If you receive the error message "The file 'C:\\WINDOWS.\system32\isr.dll' could not be opened. please check that your disk is not full and that you have access to the destination directory."

  • You will need to run the update file as administrator.  To do that, right-click your mouse on the update file, then choose Run as administrator. 

2. Microsoft Windows Defender might pull up the message below and prevent you from running the update. 

  • If you see this screen, click the More Info Link

Click the Run anyway button