Advantages of Using Elmo Anywhere

If you are a current Elmo32 customer here is some information about the upgrade process and the advantages of moving to Elmo Anywhere.  If you would prefer to discuss this on the phone, give us a call Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm at 800-959-5500 and select option 2.

Please scroll to the bottom for a cost comparison, to schedule a demo, or book your time to get converted.

Upgrade Process 

IBS has developed an import program to import all of your Elmo32 data into Elmo Anywhere.  There are some limitations as to what and can be imported and that is covered in the article below.

Suggested Process for Converting

  1. Import Elmo32 data to Elmo Anywhere test environment
  2. Duplicate order entry in Elmo32 and ElmoAnywhere
    1. This allows you to understand how new program works
    2. It also makes sure that all pricing / customers converted correctly for future Go Live on Production environment
  3. Once you are comfortable with new system you pick a date for Go Live
    1. Day before go live, close out your day of business
    2. Upload data to IBS once day is finished
    3. IBS imports your data overnight
    4. Start using new software the following day

We have successfully completed this process for many existing customers and the feedback we have received on the new software is an overwhelming home run.  If you would like to get the process rolling please follow the steps in the article below.

Advantages of Using Elmo Anywhere vs Elmo32

  • Elmo Anywhere is 100% internet based and hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud
    • All software / Nags updates are handled by IBS
    • No Software to install - Open a web browser on ANY computer and login
    • No Backups - Your data is replicated across multiple data centers across the US
    • No Computer Failures - If your computer fails no problem.  The program and all of your data is stored securely in the cloud 
    • No Ransomware - Your data is stored securely in the cloud so even if your computer is hacked your Elmo data is safe
    • No Theft - If your computer is stolen your Elmo data is still safe in the cloud
  • Easily email Invoices and Statements

  • All new vehicle lookup
    • Enter 2 digit year and any portion of vehicle name to quickly find vehicle

  • GlassCheck Module (additional fee per user)
    • Search all your suppliers from within Elmo Anywhere with ONE button click
    • Links cost, supplier, and supplier order number directly to EA (Elmo Anywhere) order
    • Integrates seamlessly with Cost Plus Pricing

  • All new Omni-Search for finding Orders
    • Every piece of information on an order is indexed so it's easy to find
    • Enter a portion of what you are trying to find and it will find order even if information is in the middle of a Policy #, Claim #, Phone #, etc.

  • Cost Plus Pricing
    • Setup your discount to use Cost Plus Pricing by tiers

  • VIN Lookup

  • RightGlass Integration (additional charge per lookup)
    • Easily see what windshields fits a vehicle by VIN using the RightGlass integration from Solara

  • All new Schedule interface
    • Schedule multiple installers per job
    • Schedule multiple appointments per job
      • great for flat glass or R&R's
    • Create unlinked appointments so jobs don't accidentally get scheduled to an installer
      • great for vacation, lunch, Dr. appointments, etc.

  • Credit Card integration
    • easily take credit cards from within EA

Elmo Anywhere vs Elmo32 Cost Comparison

Effective (1/1/2019)

Product Description Elmo Anywhere Cost Elmo32 Cost
1st User $205 per month $198 per month
2nd User $190 per month $145 per user / per month
3 or More Users $165 per user/ per month $145 per user / per month
EDI Same Same
Glaxis Integration $2.05 per dispatch $2.05 per dispatch
Credit Card Integration $20 per month N/A
Flat Glass Module $10 per user/per month $25 per month
GlassCheck Module $10 per user/per month N/A
Installer App $20 per user/per month N/A
Right Glass Integration (Identifies windshield by VIN) $5 per lookup N/A
Glass Match Integration (Identifies windshield by VIN) $1 per lookup N/A
Quickbooks Desktop Integration $25 per month $25 per month
Quickbooks Online Integration Coming Soon N/A
Multiple Locations $25 per location/per month $25 per location/per month

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