Working with EDI

EDI Setup

In order to get EDI setup and working for your company the proper forms must be filled out and submitted to IBS Software. If you signed up for the EDI premium feature when you signed up for Elmo Anywhere these documents should have been automatically delivered to you. If you would like to add this feature you should contact IBS Support and have the forms sent to you.

After the paperwork has been submitted to IBS Software we can begin setting up your service with the EDI Vendors and setting up the proper registration for your site. A couple of the questions that will be asked of you during this process will be.

  • Which Vendors will you be working with?
  • Will you have multiple shops setup?
  • Do you prefer to have all EDI's go to all shops; or should EDI's be shop specific?
  • To Provide a signature on file for EDI Submissions.

Working With EDI

There are a few steps required to setup an EDI Billable Customer:

  1. Open the Bill To Customer Editor. Refer to the Bill To Customer Guide if additional assistance is needed.
  2. Go to the Account tab.
  3. Select an EDI format from the drop down.

Now when that Bill To Customer is selected for a Quote/Work Order; upon transitioning that Order to an Invoice the EDI tab will become available. If you have setup automatic EDI submission on Invoicing a submission attempt will have automatically been made on your behalf at this time. This option can be set on the Site Settings page; under the general tab.

Now that the Order is in the Invoice state; and the selected Bill To Customer has an EDI format available, the EDI tab will be selectable and the checkbox "Ready to EDI" will be available on this tab. This box must be checked to show the order has been reviewed and is ready for submission. 

From here we can hit the 'Submit EDI' button or we can use the EDI manager to submit EDI's. Orders will only appear in the EDI manager window after they have been converted to Invoices and if the Selected Bill To Customer has an EDI Format set.

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