How to: Create a new Bill To Customer

  1. Navigate to List -> Contacts -> Bill To
  2. Click on the "Add Bill To Customer" button on the top of the Bill To grid.
  3. Fill-in as much information as you have available.
    1. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
    2. Navigate between the tabs (Contact, Account, Notes, etc) to make sure you have entered all available details.
    3. Sold To & Agents Tab: When doing look ups for an Agent or Sold To Customer on the Quote/Order screen only those linked through this page will show up by default.
    4. Discounts & Taxes Tab: The Default Discount on this tab is required, this will be used when there is not Shop Specific Discount specified. The Default Tax Group is not required as there is one additional fall back level of using the Shops Default Tax Group. Below these inputs is a Grid for specifying a Shop Specific Discount and/or Tax Group. To add a record for a new shop click the Add new record button. You must specify the shop, then only specify the Discount or Tax Group of your choice. To review how this logic affect the Quoting Process please review How to: Create A Quote. (In most cases you should allow the Shop's Tax Group to be used and not override that, the ability to override this may be beneficial to users with Bill To Customers In Other States.)
    5. Print Settings: This tab allows you to define print settings for this Customer that will override the Shops Print Settings. 
  4. Click on the "Update" button to save your new Bill To Customer.