How to: Schedule an Installation

The next step after creating a quote is to schedule the installation. 

From within the order screen select the Schedule tab on the left.  This will bring up an hour by hour break down of the day.  For instructions on how to setup your hours of operation click here

Click on the date if you wish to schedule something for a different date and choose the installation date from the drop-down calendar.

Find the time you want to schedule the installation and double click in the installer column you wish to schedule.  This will pull up the Event Menu.

In the Event Menu you have the options to:

  • Create an appointment not linked to an order
    • Click "Not attached to an order" and this will create a green appointment that is not linked to an order.  This is useful to schedule lunch, Dr's appointments, vacation, etc
  • Change the date, start time, and end time if needed
  • Change the appointment phone number.
  • Choose the installers.
  • Type a description.
  • Type in the address of the appointment.  To put in your shop's address check the box labeled "In Shop". 

When you are finished click the Save button.


Appointments in Red are the appointments associated with the open order

Appointments in Blue are appointments linked to other orders

Appointments in Green are appointments NOT linked to an order

Multiple appointments linked to the same order

If you have multiple appointments linked to the same order, you can view and switch to a specific date in the scheduler using the "View Task On Date" drop down box to select another date