Elmo Anywhere Production Release 4/18/2018

New Feature Integration with Quickbooks Desktop.  
New Feature Laid groundwork for new Elmo Anywhere Mobile Technician App (coming very soon)
Enhancement New NAGS Data for May 2018
Enhancement Bill To fax number now prints on orders
Enhancement EDI Manager - Updated the status filtering to be more intuitive
Bug Fix MANY layout and design inconsistencies have been fixed
Bug Fix Phone numbers that are not the correct length will no longer save and will return an error
Bug Fix EDI badge counter on left menu can no longer go negative
Bug Fix You can no longer save a Sold To customer without any fields filled in
Bug Fix MANY date and time issues related to time zones have been resolved
Bug Fix Web Quote API - Web quote number now appears on the printed PDF
Bug Fix Web Quote API - City/State/Zip now appears on the printed PDF
Bug Fix Glass Check - Window size should now be appropriate for all screen sizes
Bug Fix Users can now manually change the vehicle information on the order page