How To: Quickbooks Sync Queue Management

In order to synchronize records with QuickBooks you must first have completed the Quick Books setup; please see our guide on how to do that if you have not already.

The next step is to navigate to the QuickBooks Sync Manager. Click the sync manager icon on the left menu. 

There are 4 main tabs located at the top of the sync manager; but you will spend most of your time only utilizing 2 of them.

The first is the submissions manager; all Invoices and Payments entered into Elmo Anywhere will go here. You need to select records you want to sync and Mark them ready to sync in order for them to be sent over to QuickBooks. Only records created after you have enabled the QuickBooks feature will be inserted into this queue; if you have older orders in Elmo Anywhere that you need added to the queue please contact support about making arrangements for this.

You must select records in the grid using the checkboxes; you can select each record individually or select a group of records or all of them. There will only be 2 groups in this grid, payments and invoices; if you are looking to sync all invoices then select the checkbox at the Payments level. If you are looking to sync all records select the checkbox in the grid header.

Once you have selected the items to sync click the Mark Ready to Sync button at the top of the grid. You should see the items you selected change from ‘Unsent’ to ‘Ready To Sync’ in the status column.

The next step is to wait for the Web Connector to initialize the sync; which should happen every 10 minutes by default. If you want to trigger the synchronization manually you can select the checkbox next to the Elmo Anywhere integration and click Update Select above the grid.

You can verify the data in 2 ways; in Elmo Anywhere or QuickBooks. In the sync manager grid if you click search again it will update the data in the grid, you can also do this by clicking the refresh button in the lower left corner of the grid. If a record was successfully submitted you will see it disappear from your view; if you want to view the record you must change the filters above the grid to include Submitted and search again. 

If an error occurred when you search the grid you will see the count on the tab increase; that means there are records in this grid that need attention. This is also shown to the user as a notification counter badge on the left menus QuickBooks Sync Queue button.

Next we will work with the Needs Attention tab; click the tab to view the grid that holds records that need your attention. There are 2 ways a record can end up needing attention; if an error occurs during the sync process or if an update is applied to the record and it needs to be updated in QuickBooks (updates to QuickBooks through the Web Connector are currently not supported.)

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