EA-Import: Elmo32 to Elmo Anywhere Conversion Options

Please complete the following TWO steps below to ensure that your Elmo32 conversion to Elmo Anywhere is successful.

  1. Complete the form below that defines your import options from Elmo32 to Elmo Anywhere
  2. Once the form has been submitted. upload you data to IBS following the instructions at the bottom of this article

Please complete the form below to make sure that IBS has the correct import options for your company.  Once this form is completed and your data has been uploaded, we will begin the conversion process.

Fill out my online form.

Instructions to upload your Elmo32 data to IBS

Please follow the instructions in the article below to upload your Elmo32 data for import to Elmo Anywhere

Please Note: Conversions are done on a first come first served basis and several conversions can be completed daily into test environment. Most conversion take 1 - 2 days to complete depending on the amount of data being converted.