How To: Create an Access Role

The purpose of Access Roles is to restrict or grant access to sections of EA (Elmo Anywhere) for certain users.

By default, EA comes with 2 Access Roles that can NOT be removed or changed.

  1. Site Admin - has access to everything
  2. Site User - has restricted access
    1. No Access to 
      1. All Regions
      2. Bypass IP Filtering
      3. Change Order Date
      4. Customer Portal
      5. EA Mobile Technician
      6. Glass Check Setup
      7. Unlock invoice
      8. Void - Payments, Orders, Credit Memos
      9. Permissions
      10. Price Overrides
      11. Regions
      12. Shops
      13. Users

If you want to grant access to some of the restricted Site User features, or restrict access even more, you will need to create a new Access Role.

  1. Click the Gear Icon -> Access Roles
  2. Click "Add Access Role"
  3. "Info" Tab
    1. Enter the Role name
  4. "Permissions" Tab
    1. Choose the permission that you would like to grant to this Access Role
      1. Site User access will load by default when creating a new Access Role and can be changed to fit your needs by selecting the options that you wantNo Access - User can not access feature
      2. View - User can View feature
      3. Edit - User can Edit 
      4. Create - User can Create
      5. Delete - User can Delete
  5. "Dashboard" Tab
    1. You can disable which widgets a user can access from the Home page
  6. Once all changes have been entered, click "Update" to save changes

Please Note: A user will be granted access from the highest roll associated to their user.  If you only want the user to have the features activated for the Access Role you just created, you must add this role to the user and remove all other Access Roles.  CLICK HERE for how to edit a user.

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