How To: Setup and update terminals for shops


In order for the Card Connect Bolt terminals to be "seen" by Elmo Anywhere, they need to be connected to your Elmo Site through the setup page. This is where you can manage which terminals you have that are active as well as see previous terminals that have been deactivated. In order to do this, you must have the Card Connect Feature enabled with a Merchant Id. This information does not include device specific information for setting up the terminal with Card Connect. That information is both online and in the guide or manual provided by the terminal supplier.

*Shown above is the Ingenico iSC Touch 250 from the card connect website. Below are some online references for setup.


- Feature enabled with Merchant ID (Contact support)

- Shops setup (So they are available in the list)

- Hardware Serial Numbers (HSNs) for each terminal and which one will be placed where.


1. Navigate to the Settings Page and the Card Connect Tab.

2a. (To add new terminal) Click Add Terminal

2b. (To edit existing terminal) Find the terminal in the list you are looking for in the list and click the edit button to the left. If you have a long list of terminals or only want to see active terminals, you can filter the grid.

3. Enter the terminal information

  • Friendly Display Name - This is the terminal name that will be shown on the selection screen in Elmo when choosing which terminal to send the payment request to.
  • HSN (Hardware Serial Number) - This is used to identify the terminal with the Card Connect System. Please double-check this number to ensure it is correct.

Image result for ingenico isc touch 250 hardware serial number sticker

  • Associated Shop - This is the shop that has access to this terminal. If no shops have access to the terminal, enter any shop and un-check the 'Is Active' button so it does not show. All terminals must have an associated shop because this is how they are associated with your site. Select the shop in the dropdown list.
  • Is Active - Activate/Deactivate through the 'Is Active' checkbox. This is defaulted to be checked (Active), but you can change it to be unchecked (Deactivated) if you choose to enter the information in Elmo Anywhere prior to setting them up at their final location. Then you can edit them to Active once they are installed.

4. Click Update