About Card Connect Payment System


Card Connect is a credit card payment authorization system that allows retailers to process a payment using a terminal or (in the future) using a mobile device with an attachment and app.

Card Connect offers level 3 processing which is the cheapest processing you can get on credit card transactions.  For this reason, IBS and Card Connect can likely save you money.  If you would like to get a comparable bid, please contact IBS at 800-959-5500 and select option 2 for existing customers.

For more info on Card Connect: https://cardconnect.com/

For more info on Bolt Terminals: https://cardconnect.com/bolt

https://support.cardconnect.com/bolt/setting-up-your-bolt-device (This does not have info on setting up your terminal with Elmo Anywhere. That information you will find in our How-To guides below.


  • Card Connect is currently available in Elmo Anywhere
  • Card Connect Mobile will be available 1st quarter of 2020

How To:

How To: Add the Card Connect Feature to Elmo Anywhere and enter Merchant Id

How To: Setup and update terminals for shops

How To: Process payment using a Terminal

How To: Process a Manual Payment

How To: Void a payment

How To: Refund a payment


Do I need a terminal to use the Card Connect feature?

Yes. Currently Elmo Anywhere does not support card not present transactions. In the future we plan on adding in options for connecting to mobile devices using the Bolt mobile system. At that point you can use just the mobile attachments, but you will still need to have the card present for swipe or chip transactions. This protects you by making it harder for a customer to dispute a payment. With card not present transactions, it is harder for banks to verify which party is in the right.

Will someone help me with the setup?

Of course! Contact our customer support. Some items we will setup for you and other items we will walk you through the process or get you in contact with Card Connect.

Can I delete a terminal from Elmo Anywhere?

Not at this time. However, you can set the terminal to not active so that it does not come up as an option in the terminal list for payments. The reason for this is in case you need the information on past terminals. For this reason, we suggest you deactivate terminals that you are no longer using and add new terminals as opposed to editing the old terminal by adding the new information.

What is the difference between a void and a refund?

A void happens before the payment is fully processed by Card Connect. A refund happens after the payment has been processed by Card Connect. If you are not sure which to use, it will most likely be a refund. If you try to void a payment that has already been processed, an error message will pop-up to let you know that the payment has gone through.

What is the HSN?

The HSN is the  Hardware Serial Number. This is used to identify one terminal from another by the Card Connect System. This information will be transferred with payments and to connect to the correct terminal for requesting payment.

What is the terminal friendly name used for?

The friendly name is used for employees to easily distinguish between terminals. We suggest you use something that refers to where the terminal is located (i.e. Front Desk Terminal, Metcalf Location Terminal, Register 3, etc....). Make sure to update this if you move terminals. Another option is to put your own label on the side or back of the machine with an identifier so that it does not matter where the terminal is located.

Can more than one terminal have the same friendly name?

Yes, but we do not recommend this. This might happen if you are using a location based name and you have to replace a terminal. One option is to add a deactivation date to the terminal friendly name when you deactivate it. Another option is to add an installation date to the friendly name when adding it to the Elmo Anywhere system.

How do I know if a terminal is properly connected?

When you try to make a payment, Elmo Anywhere will send out what is known in programming a ping request. It is a verification that the terminal that has been requested can be found. Next, the terminal will show the amount due that was sent from Elmo.

Is mobile card processing available right now?

Not yet. We will announce when this feature becomes available. Keep an eye out for it on our blog.

What is the Merchant ID (MID or merchid)?

The merchant id is a code used by Card Connect for associating multiple terminals with a Card Connect Account.

Can I enter multiple Merchant Ids?

Not at this time. If you find this to be a requested feature, please let support know.

Why is Card Connect/Card Connect Mobile being rolled out to limited users first?

This is part of the typical software release process for new features. Once a new feature has been thoroughly tested, it is rolled out to a small subset of users to gain feedback and ensure the best user experience possible. Once any feature updates have been rolled out for review with  positive feedback, it is then scaled up to release to a wider audience.