How to: Edit a Flat Glass Part on an Order


If you need to change a dimension on a Flat Glass part that is already on an order, follow these steps.


  • Flat glass module activated


  1. Click the Edit Flat Glass button
  2. This will load the entire Flat Glass part for editing
  3. Click the Pencil icon to edit the dimension of the flat glass part
    1. This enables the width and height fields to edit he dimensions of the part.
    2. Click Update to complete the edit
  4. When the new dimensions are saved, you will be prompted to recalculate the costs of the parts
    1. If you click "Recalculate Costs", it will recalculate the cost of ALL parts on the flat glass part with the new dimensions
    2. If you click "Do Not Recalculate Costs", it will leave the pricing the same as it was, but update the dimensions on the flat glass parts
  5. When changes are complete, click the Add Flat Glass button