How to: Add Flat Glass Part


How to Add a Flat Glass Part 


  • Flat glass module activated.  Contact IBS at 800-959-5500 and select option 2 if you would like to activate the optional Flat Glass module.


  1. If you would like to assign part categories to your flat glass parts so they are easier to find, please create your custom categories first
    1. CLICK HERE for information on creating custom categories
  2. In the left menu, Click Lists -> Pricing -> Flat Glass Parts
  3. Click the Add Flat Glass Part button
  4. Enter the following information on the part
    1. Part Number - Create your own descriptive part number
    2. Category - Choose a category from the Custom Categories that was created in step 1
    3. Description - Enter a description of the part
    4. List Price - This will set the List price of the item
    5. Net Price - This will set the Net price of the item
      1. if the Net price is less than the List price a discount % will be included when this line is added to an order
    6. Calculate By - Choose from one of the following options below
      1. Lineal Inch - this will be the charge per inch
      2. Square Foot - this will be the charge per Square Foot
      3. Per Unit - this will be the charge Per Unit
    7. Popup Note - if you would like a popup note with special instructions to be displayed when this part is added to an order, enter it here
    8. Check Box Options
      1. Labor - The part being added is a Labor item
      2. Taxable - part is taxable
      3. Part is Inventoriable - Currently not used
      4. Include Dimension in Description - This will put the dimensions of the part in front of the part number
      5. Active - Part is active
  5. Click the Update button to add part
  6. Click Cancel to cancel entry