How to: Add a Flat Glass Part to an Order


Adding a Flat Glass part to an order.  This takes into account that you have already created your flat glass parts.  Please see the related articles for information on flat glass setup.


  • Flat glass module activated.  Contact IBS at 800-959-5500 and select option 2 if you would like to activate the optional Flat Glass module.


  1. On the Quote screen, Click the Selected Parts tab
  2. On the Order screen, Click the Parts tab
  3. Click the Add Flat Glass button
  4. Enter the following:
    1. Qty - number of pieces of flat glass
    2. Width - width of flat glass
    3. Height - height of flat glass
    4. Flat Glass Part Categories - If you wish to filter the Flat Glass Part Number search box, select the categories to search for
    5. Flat Glass Part Number - Enter a portion of the part number to search for
      1. You can enter any portion of the part number in the search box and it will search part number and description
      2. IE: enter plate, and it will return any part number that has the word plate in the part number or description
  5. Select the part you wish to add from the Flat Glass Part Number list and Click Add
    1. Include Dimensions - If the Flat Glass part had the Calculate by option to include dimensions in description, it will insert the dimensions in front of the part
    2. Lineal Inch - If Flat Glass part had the Calculate By Lineal Inch it will calculate ((width x height) x 2) after if performs the Round Up from site settings, and change the Qty on the item to the calculate value
    3. Per Unit - If Flat Glass part had the Calculate By Per Unit, it will set the qty to the qty entered in the Dimension x the price of the item
    4. If the Popup Note or prompt for description was clicked on the part, a description box will be displayed with the pop up note
  6. The Add Flat Glass screen will remain active to allow you to add additional items to this piece of flat glass.  Once you are finished adding all the fabrication to the item, click the Add Flat Glass button to add the items to an order.
    1. The image below shows a 1/4" piece of plate with seamed edges with a 1" hole in the center
  7. When the 3 items are added to the order, it will insert the Part Number from the first line in the description of the other 2.  This designates that these items are related to each other when the order prints.
  8. If you wish to add another item, click the Add Flat Glass button