How To: Request Signature from customer using Card Connect Terminal


Users can now request an electronic customer signature that is stored on the invoice using a Card Connect Terminal.  The Card Connect terminal is typically used to capture credit card payments, but the ability to capture an electronic signature for forms of payment other than a credit card has been added.

The shop location must be using Card Connect terminals for credit card processing in order for this to work.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Card Connect.


Order Screen

  1. Open the order that you want to capture the signature on
  2. Select the payments tab 
  3. Click the "Capture Signature" button 
  4. This will launch the Card Connect Signature Capture window to select a Card Connect Terminal
  5. When the terminal has been chosen and you receive the message Successfully connected, click the Request Signature Button
  6. This will activate the Card Connect terminal for the customer to enter their signature.  
  7. After the customer has signed, request they check the OK box, or use their finger and push the Green Accept button on the card connect terminal
  8. This will store the customer signature and can now be printed on the invoice