Release Notes - 11/9/2021

Type Area Description
Bug Fix Tax Entity Expiration Date Tax Entities now enforce Start and Expiration Dates
Bug Fix Statement Unapplied Credit Memo's now show on statement report
Bug Fix Credit Memo Credit Memo - Tax by Lineitem setting works correctly
Bug Fix Statement Report Address box now fits in window envelope
Bug Fix EDI Manager    Sorting a column in the EDI Manager no longer causes data to disappear
Bug Fix Add Flat Glass  Increased the size of Add Flat Glass screen to show buttons correctly
Bug Fix Export Schedule Export schedule to PDF now shows entire schedule correctly
New Feature Order Search Order search now supports searching note fields and part numbers
New Feature Order History Scheduled Installation Tasks are now written to Order History
New Feature Order History When a credit memo is created it is now written to Order History
New Feature Report Grids Grids now allow user to show/hide columns.  Will show all columns on reload.
New Feature EDI Manager Added new column for most recent reject message.  Also shows all responses in hover-over tool tip and the total amount of responses received for a claim
New Feature Order Lookup Added PO Number to Order Lookup
New Feature Order Lookup Added Email Status to Order Lookup - If order has been emailed it show date/time stamp
New Feature Order Lookup Moved Action buttons (View - Print - Copy) to left side of grid for easier access
New Feature Glasscheck Glasscheck now supports lookup and ordering from Import Glass (IGC)  CLICK HERE for instructions
New Feature Mass Apply Payments Added new feature to mass apply payments to a customer's open invoices.  CLICK HERE for instructions
New Feature New Payment Type Added EFT as a new payment type.  Will transfer over to Quickbooks as Cash with EFT in description.
New Feature Attachments Added ability to add attachments to an Order and a Bill To.  CLICK HERE for Bill To for instructions.  CLICK HERE for Order instructions
Performance ALL Minor performance tuning across platform