Release Notes - 2/27/2020

Type Area Description
New Feature Printed Order / Shop Record Add Disclaimer - Added custom disclaimers for Flat Glass and Government notices to shop record to be printed on orders
New Feature Bill To Default Order Report- select to print Auto or Flat Glass order by Bill To Customer
New Feature Order Screen Select Order to Print - Auto or Flat
New Feature Access Roles Added ability to remove access to the Right Glass feature
New Feature Payment Added Ability to request and store signature on invoice using Card Connect terminal
Enhancement Void Callback Added ability to Void a Callback
Enhancement Order Screen The add parts screen is now wider so it's easier to see the entire part description
Bug Fix Part Global Override Global Override Notes now display when there is only a note on the override
Bug Fix Time Zone Error Schedule, Daily Sales widget, and Order lookup now display correctly regardless of time zone 
Bug Fix Order Screen Sold To address information is copied from Customer tab when creating a new appointment on the Schedule