Release Notes - January 2020

Type Area Description
New Feature Order Screen Change Order Total - Change the order total to any amount and the software will calculate the correct price for line items and adjust sales tax if needed
New Feature Order Screen Select Order Type
New Feature Scheduler Ability to add/edit appointments from the all day schedule view
New Feature Scheduler Ability to add appointments to the schedule that are not linked to an order
New Feature Scheduler Ability to add multiple appointments to an order
New Feature Scheduler Print View Option to print schedule
New Feature Shop Setting Print Government Notices on orders
New Feature Shop Setting Added Remit to Address for Statements
New Feature Site Settings Override Sales Person to Agent Sales Person
New Feature NAGS Data NAGS Data for 1/13/2020 is now live
Enhancement Print Order When the print order button is clicked it now automatically opens the print dialog to eliminate an extra button click
Enhancement Flat Glass Part    Added part category column to the Flat Glass Part List grid
Bug Fix Order Screen Able to copy an order with flat glass parts on it
Bug Fix Order Screen Card Connect / Stripe payments now accept 4 characters for CVC
Bug Fix Quote/Order User part added to order with "prompt for description" option now prompts for description
Bug Fix Scheduler Dragging a scheduled appointment to a new time with more than 1 installer now keeps all installers attached after moving to new time
Bug Fix Agent List Can now filter by Agent First or Last Name