Getting Started with Elmo Anywhere

Thanks for purchasing Elmo Anywhere!  Here are some notes before we start:

  • Spend a healthy amount of time reading the support articles on this portal, especially the "How To" articles.  If you need to know how to do something on the site, we've likely already written an article explaining it!
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support staff.

Upon creation of your new site, you will receive an email with a username (your email) and a password.  This will be your "Site Admin" login information that gives you complete control of you installation of Elmo Anywhere.  We setup this account with some default values and some information gathered from your existing account with IBS.  Before you can start making orders in Elmo Anywhere, follow these steps to finish setting up your application:

  1. Configure your shop information
    1. On the left menu, click on the "Settings" button, select "Configuration," click on "Shops."
    2. Your shop should be listed in the grid
    3. Click the "Edit" button on the line for your shop.
    4. On the "Contact" tab, fill-out or correct your shop's contact information.  
    5. On the "Configuration" tab, enter this information as need (required fields are marked with an "*".  
      1. We automatically create a default customer titled "Cash Customer" for every site.  You can leave this as your "Default Customer" if you choose.  If you'd like to create a new one, reference How to: Create a new Bill To Customer
      2. We automatically create a default tax group title "Local" for every site.  This group doesn't contain any values and we recommend you update it.  Please reference How to: Create a new Tax Group.
    6. Set your print options on the "Print Settings" tab.
    7. Define automatically printed messages on the "Invoice Messages" tab.
    8. Upload a copy of your logo to print on your invoice on the "Logo Upload" tab.
  2. Create additional logins and staff members
  3. Create Bill To Customers
  4. Create Discounts

Now that you have the initial portions of the software setup, you can start using it to create quotes, do vehicle and part searches, and create invoices.